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EPS Insulated Pallet Boxes

EPS insulated pallet box with unique thermal sealing system and cooling compartments for cooling elements.
  • Dimensions: 80 x 120 x height 100cm (material thickness 9cm)
  • EPS palletshipper or pallet box for transport and storage of cooled, fresh and frozen products
  • Easy to assemble via mounting slots (no cold bridges)
  • UNIQUE : thermal seal system = must be broken to open
  • UNIQUE : thermal seal system = no cold bridges
  • UNIQUE : thermal seal system = avoid wrong packing. Pressing = sealed = automatically thermally closed and sealed.
  • Insulation thickness EPS palletshipper = 9cm
  • Integrated slits for cooling elements (boxes)
  • Cooling boxes with cooling elements
  • EPS production 15-18 kg/m³
  • UNIQUE: can be produced to size (please send us an email)