About Krautz-Temax

Hotcoldschop is part of the Krautz-Temax group.

Krautz-Temax is a Belgian company Est.2000 which specializes in the development and production of insulated packaging and cold chain solutions.Our products are implemented in the transport of temperature sensitive products such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Krautz-Temax currently has around 100 employees worldwide and has several production sites where all kinds of insulation and packaging materials are produced and recycled. Below you will find an overview of the Temax locations.

Krautz Temax Head Office
Koolmijnlaan 340 / 3550 Heusden-Zolder / Belgium
Tel: +32
Website : www.krautz.org
Email : info@krautz.org

Temax offices

  • TemaxPharma / European distribution center and QA / Magazijnstraat 3 / 3550 Heusden-Zolder
  • Temax production Belgium
  • Temax production Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Temax Americas / Hanover Park / Chicago / Illinois / USA
  • Temax Transport / Nitatrans / own truck fleet for Temax transports

ISO-9001:2015 certified
Krautz-Temax has a high quality awareness and is ISO-9001:2015 certified by Lloyds. Temax has several quality management systems that guarantee the processes in order to guarantee maximum quality.

Validated by the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide
The Krautz-Temax products and QMS “Quality Management System” have been accepted and validated by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, thus living up to our reputation as a preferred supplier to these giants.

Custom development and production
Krautz-Temax develops and produces insulation and insulated packaging tailored to the customer’s needs and wishes. So if you have any specific wishes, feel free to let us know.

Production and recycling:

  • Thermal Bubble Foil LDPE
  • Reflection and lamination of foils
  • EPS insulation material
  • XPS insulation material
  • All kinds of customized packaging materials
  • Cooling techniques and cooling systems

Temax published books
Krautz Temax has published several books in the cold chain segment which are used in the food and medical world as a guide in setting up and managing cold chain systems and methodologies.

  • Cold Chain Implementation Plan / English language / 295 pages / ISBN 9789048429851
  • Advanced Trailer Mapping / English language / 284 pages / ISBN 9789048437696
  • Temperature Risk Management Plan / English language / 52 pages / ISBN 9789048439560

Temax BIO plastics
Temax is the first manufacturer in the world to produce BIO-based thermal air bubble foils and other insulation materials that are also BIO certified by TUV-DINCERTCO. Besides manufacturing, Temax also has recycling systems to not only recycle BIO materials but also reuse them back to create a minimal ecological footprint.

Temax also offers a range of BIO-biodegradable insulation materials that are completely biodegradable by nature through composting techniques into BIO residual material.

Temax Transport – Nitatrans trucks
Krautz Temax has its own transport company “NitaTrans” with a fleet of 10 of its own trucks and trailers. Unique to the trucks and trailers is the mega superstructure which allows 20% CO2 reduction on each transport.