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Cold Chain Implementation Plan – TEMAX Books

Temax published book "Cold Chain Implementation Plan" on applications and solutions for an efficient cold chain
  • ISBN 9789048429851 / English language / 295 pages
  • Authors T. Can and L. Claes of the Krautz-Temax group
  • A unique study book on cold chain
  • Temperature optimization in road transport, air freight, sea transport and fine distribution
  • HCCP's Hazardous Critical Control Points in the cold chain
  • What is heat transfer and thermal energy?
  • What is passive cooling and points of attention with insulated packaging?
  • cool chain management
  • And more...

Advance Temperature Trailer Mapping – TEMAX Books

Temax published book "Advanced Temperature Trailer Mapping" about the mapping and measurement of trucks and conditioned semi-trailers or trailers
  • ISBN 9789048437696 / English language / 284 pages
  • Authors T. Can and L. Claes of the Krautz-Temax group
  • A unique practical workbook for temperature mapping and measuring trailers
  • What is temperature trailer mapping?
  • Truck body and required measuring points
  • All types of trailers and loading configurations with measuring points
  • Isolated partitions - bitemp trailers - multitemp trailer
  • Tailgates and roller doors
  • Cooling motors and evaporators
  • And more...