Thermal Blankets for Pallets

Temax SET thermal blankets for insulating pallets, Euro and Block, in lower deck air cargo for pharmaceutical and healthcare products 15-25°C and 2-30°C, refrigerated fresh food and more
  • Insulation of air cargo pallets in LOWER deck (aircraft)
  • Euro / block pallets (variable height up to max 160cm)
  • Validated by pharmaceutical companies
  • Ambient products : 15-25°C / 2-30°C / 0-40°C
  • Tested for summer and winter profile, solar power and greenhouse effect
  • Tested according to EN-12546-2 and stress test 8% product mass
  • Validated by food producers in chilled fresh shipments
  • Disposable / recyclable due to NON lamination construction
  • To use with Temax sealing tape (link laying)