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Industrial Scissors

Industrial shears for cutting insulation material - length 30 cm

Sealing Tape 10cmx30m

Extra wide sealing tape for efficient sealing of thermal packaging.
  • Extra width 10cm
  • Can be used on boxes and plastic packaging
  • Hotmeld material with Temax imprint
  • Breaking point to avoid cold bridges when tightening too hard
  • 1 box = 40 rolls of tape

Taperoller – Tape Dispenser 10cm width

Extra wide tape roller 10cm width for efficient sealing of thermal packaging.
  • Tape widths 5cm to 10cm
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable brake / rolling resistance (hard / soft taping)
  • Toothed bar for cutting off the tape
  • Material : metal, lacquered