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Biobased PCM Cool Packs Set of 4 Units

Our renewable bio-based Phase Change Material (PCM) cooling technology, is produced with materials of vegetable origin. Our INUTEQ PAC® products out-perform paraffin and salt hydrates PCM in a number of areas:
  • Improved fire safety
  • Long term stability
  • High latent heat capacities
  • Safer handling
  • Sourced from recyclable materials

PCM CoolOver

Our unique all-round PCM CoolOver offers constant cooling and heat stress protection for professionals who need expert cooling underneath protective industrial clothing in (extreme) heat situations.
  • 2 different temperatures for sport: 6,5ºC/ 44ºF orange (Sport) 15ºC/ 59ºF purple
  • 3 different temperatures for work 21ºC/ 70ºF yellow - 24ºC/ 77ºF transparant and 29ºC/ 84ºF red.
  • Protection against heat stress for up to 3,5 hours
  • Used under military combat gear, hazardous materials suits, mascot costumes etc.
  • Simply clean with cleaning cloth with water or disinfectant.